Vienna Museums Quartier

Cycling Passau-Vienna - Vienna Museums Quartier

Not just a single museum but a whole ensemble of fascinating cultural facilities is accommodated by the Museums Quartier, known for short as MQ. In 1725, the Baroque complex of buildings was built in front of the gates to the castle to house the court stables for 600 horses and 200 carriages. In 1922 it was rebuilt to a trade fair and exhibition grounds, which, in 2001, were then turned into the cultural complex we know today. The biggest single museums are MUMOK, Leopold Museum and Kunsthalle Wien. The vast inner courtyard, surrounded by historical and modern buildings, has developed into an urban open-air oasis of culture in a class of its own. Theaterhaus Dschungel Wien and the ZOOM children’s museum are oriented towards children, teenagers and young adults.