Boat trips on the Danube

Cycling Passau-Vienna - Boat trips on the Danube

If you are cycling along one of Europe’s most important waterways for such a long time, you will probably fancy travelling on the river for once. Several shipping companies offer regular services, for longer or shorter cruises.

1 Boat trip Passau-Linz
Shipping company: Wurm & Noé - an old and well-established Passau company.
Several departures per day except Mondays (daily service to Schlögen) from April to October.

2 Boat trip Melk-Krems
Shipping company: Brandner - modern ships with the only girl captains on the river Danube
2 cruises per day, from April to October

3 boat trip Melk-Krems
Shipping company: DDSG Blue Danube - the successor company to the Danube Steamboat Company (“Donaudampfschifffahrtgesellschaft”)
3 cruises per day, from April to October

Boat trips on the Danube

Day trips:

A Passau
Shipping company: Wurm & Noé
Several different tours every day on different ships. The 3-river city tour and the adventure tour on the Swarowski-crystal boat are particularly popular.

B Ardagger
Shipping company: Donauschiffahrt Ardagger
Round trip through the Strudengau, every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday, from Easter to October.

C Tulln
Vienna City Council Paddle Steamer
Tours from Tulln to Wachau, every Sunday, from May to September.

Cycling Passau-Vienna - Boat trips Danube

Boat trips from Vienna:

In Vienna, you can either choose to go on excursions along the Danube or all the way to Bratislava.

4 DDSG Blue Danube
Tours to Wachau or the Tulln Garden every Sunday

5 Vienna-Bratislava in 75 minutes
Shipping company: Twin City Liner
Every day from May to September, in pre- an post-season on Sundays only.

6 Vienna-Bratislava in 95 minutes
Shipping compay: Reederei Lod - Tragflügelboote
Cruises from Wednesday to Sunday from May to September, daily cruises in July and August.

Cycling Passau-Vienna - Boat trips Danube